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Why Dental Offices Should Stay Open during the Pandemic of COVID 19?

-------- Summary of A Dental Professional Article 

  • There is a lot of misinformation and fear circulating during the pandemic of COVID 19. We all need to realize there is no perfect answer to a pandemic. Current aspects of the coronavirus have caused many to re-evaluate our opportunities in life and what the change in risk means for us. 


  • COVID-19 is not the first major respiratory virus outbreak. We have been through SARS, Ebola, H1N1, Influenza, Hepatitis and others. Yet, none of these virulent diseases spread through dental offices.


  • We took an oath as dental professionals to take care of our patients’ oral health, which is a part of whole-body health, and is vital for a proper immune system—a key element to avoiding added vulnerability to COVID-19. 


  • The best part about dentistry is we have been equipped and trained for decades in the best infection control outside of a hospital operating room. This is why dentistry has never been a source of respiratory infection or other viral spread. We may be the most exposed profession because of proximity and procedures, but, because of our protocols and levels of infection control, exposure does not mean an increased chance of infection or spread.  


  • A risk chart generated and circulated everywhere placing dental offices at high risk because of our potential exposure to diseases, as well as our proximity to people when we are working. The chart does not factor in infection control and sterilization procedures in dentistry, which are rivaled only by hospital operating rooms.


  • Dental offices typically turn away patients who are sick, sending them to their primary care doctor through strict screening protocols. The volume of patients we see is tiny compared to many industries since we typically see patients one at a time.


  • A second wave of outbreak is not only likely but expected. It is already happening in some states, with some businesses closing or being asked to close. This time, the dental industry is armed with evidence and information we did not have months ago. Dental professionals are not getting sick, are not at higher risk, and by adhering to infection control protocols, dental offices are safe. Dentistry has been shown to have one of the lowest risks for COVID-19 infections or spread.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps contact tracing of every viral outbreak. It has tracked how COVID-19 is spreading and has this to say about dentistry:

"To date in the United States, clusters of healthcare personnel who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been identified in hospital settings and long-term care facilities, but no clusters have yet been reported in dental settings or among dental healthcare providers."

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